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Welcome to another season of Wardog Wrestling!

You will need to do THREE things to get your child completely signed up. I would plan on setting aside 15min to complete this registration process. It would probably be easier on a desktop computer but it is do-able on your phone. You will need a credit card to complete registration.

I understand the signup process has a couple additional steps, BUT it is no more time consuming than signing up for other sports and by YOU completing all these steps, it saves the fulltime working parents on the Miami Takedown Club board so much time. (What will take you 1 minute because you already know your child's name, birthday, etc. would take us several minutes because we would have to reference spreadsheets and double check our work.)

We really can't thank you enough! Team work makes the dream work!!  

Also, I recommend reading through the entire 3 steps listed here before clicking on anything. Once you've read it all and understand the game plan, you can scroll back up and start Step 1. 

Step 1) Sign-up your child by completing the form below. This form is for the Miami Takedown Club's record. It will officially register him/her on our club roster. The $75 fee will cover all club costs including the cost for his/her OKWA and OKUSA cards, which are required for tournaments. The $75 does NOT include registration for the tournaments. There will be an additional charge for each tournament your child wishes to participate in. Usually $16-$21 that will be due the Wednesday before the tournament.

After you complete the form below, you should be redirected right back here, but if not, please find your way back and continue with Step 2 and Step 3.  

Please note: If you would like to pay with a credit or debit card instead of PayPal, just click on the yellow "PayPal Checkout" button and then choose "Pay with Debit or Credit Card".

Step 2) Complete the USA Wrestling Membership Registration. This is something the club usually does for you each year. With 60+ kids, you can imagine it is quite time consuming to enter each kid's information into the USA website AND the OKWA website. We are asking parents this year to register their own child on the USA site. They have made it extremely simple this year. (Especially if your child has wrestled before!) It took me less than 2 minutes to register my child. Once registered, THE CLUB will be able to pay your child's membership dues using the registration fee you have already paid. This step should not cost any additional money. You cannot begin to understand how grateful we are for you completing this step! It saves us so much time. It also saves on paper because you are able to electronically sign the USA Wrestling waiver.

Click here to complete that registration. Once you are finished on the USA Wrestling site, please come right back here to complete Step 3. 

<Take Note: If you have any difficulty with Step 2- Completing the USA Membership registration, please do not worry. We can help you with this at a later time. This step will just have to be done prior to the first practice for liability reasons. Step 1 and 3 are the most important at this point. If you have complications with Step 2, just skip it and move on to Step 3. Please text Amy 918.541.0669 or Cody 918.533.0953 if you need help with Step 2.>

Step 3) Our custom Nearfall Store is open and will remain open THRU OCTOBER 6th. No late orders will be accepted. The singlet is almost identical to last year's singlet so you may not need to order another one if your child wrestled last year and hasn't grown much. All of this gear is optional. However, your child will need a singlet or tight fitting shorts/top to wrestle in at tournaments and it makes it a lot easier for our coaches if they're in matching singlets. Click here to order.

For the practice schedule, click here.

Our first tournament will be Dec 3rd.


Make sure to join our

Remind Messages

by texting

@miamitc to 81010 

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